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"What if you had all the confidence you ever needed to do all the things you’ve been afraid of doing?"


Confidence can affect every part of your life.

It can cause you to miss opportunities or worse still - wreak havoc in your life.

Confidence can elude you when you need it most… like this…

Are you afraid to stand up for yourself when you know you should?

Do you let people push you around?

Have you ever faced rejection?

I used to have all these problems. I read scores of self-help books. I listened to all kinds of hypnosis recordings. Even tried therapy a couple of times.

But nothing worked.


Because none of these get to the real cause of the problem.

If they did why are people writing new books, creating new courses and programs almost every day?

The last time I was in Waterstones bookshop they had over ten books on confidence in the self-help section.

Pick up anyone of them and you’ll see 300 or more pages of dense writing.On how to be more confident!

Can it really be that complicated?

I wanted something easy, quick and effective.

So I decided to do some research.

What I found is that lack of confidence starts in our early childhood. Before we are seven years old.

Because back then our brain hasn’t developed, we absorb and believe most of what our parents and teachers tell us.

Later when we got older we never self-correct those early ‘beliefs’ we took on from other people.


And that’s exactly why baby elephants can’t escape from the circus.

Baby elephants are chained to a stake in the ground.

When they’re small they’re not that strong.

So try as they might they cannot get away from the stake.

When they grow up it’s easy.

But because they couldn’t even budge the stake in the ground when they were little they gave up trying.

And now as adults they believe they can’t get the stake out of the ground and they stay there stuck in one place.

And then I realised that’s what I’d done to myself.

My beliefs about myself were formed when I was a child.

Now as an adult I found I couldn’t budge the ‘stake’ of those beliefs.

And the only way to change that was to bypass my adult mind and go straight to my child-like mind.

But how?

The amazing power of stories

I’ve seen countless studies that show story telling helps people change their beliefs.

All blockbuster films are based around powerful stories, that’s why they’re so popular.

Do you still remember the stories you read as a child?

How about stories that were read to you?

Do you read novels, watch soap operas or follow fiction series like ‘friends’ on TV?

If you’re hooked on any of these, you’ll know the power stories can have over you. So I told myself a story and recorded it.


Not just any old story… but a story about my new self-confidence.

One that would hold me spellbound every time I listened to it.

To make sure I was totally absorbed I asked a friend to write some music to go with it.

He’s a specialist in ‘brainwave entrainment’ music.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of brainwave entrainment but it’s a type of music that magnetises the mind.

Let me explain…

If you place a magnet over iron filings that are behind glass they immediately zoom towards the magnet.

In other words they all focus on one spot… the magnet.

That’s a form of entrainment.

Music like this causes the brain to act like iron filings.

The result?

Your brain becomes likethat of a six year old. This allows new information to enter the brain without the adult mind interfering.

When you combine that with storytelling you create lasting belief change within minutes.

So I put the music in the background of my story and made my recording.

After just one listen my thoughts and outlook on life changed.

Then I began letting my friends have a copy.Every one of them was amazed at how quickly they gained confidence.

One friend, Ivor Murray has an online business and wanted to make this available to his customers.

As he’s a good friend I said yes.

Next thing I know he’d taken over one hundred orders for this recording in a week.


He suggested I have my own website.

I didn’t know much about all this internet stuff so I let it drop.

But just recently I gave a copy of this recording to another friend.

He loved it.

Turns out he creates websites and asked if he could offer it online.

And with all the orders I recently had plus the fact that no one has ever asked for a refund I had the confidence to say yes to him.

You see, confidence is a powerful force.  When we have it we feel we can take on the world. When we don’t, even the smallest challenge can feel impossible.

With confidence you can do almost anything – without it you can do practically nothing.

Gaining the confidence of others is one of the fastest ways to success, happiness and even wealth.

And, whether you’re working on your own self-confidence or building the confidence of people around you, this one behaviour can make or break you.

This recording works with your brain the way your brain works

Until now brainwave entrainment was only available to the medical community.

But now with the magic of high end sophisticated computer software combined with skilfully structured words, you too can have the unconscious thought patterns of the most confident people in the world.

All without any effort.

Can you put a price on confidence?

A friend of mine paid one thousand and three hundred pounds to go on a weekend seminar to learn how to become more confident.

It was one of those NLP motivational seminars that are held in London.

After going she said she was a changed woman.

But it only lasted a few weeks. Now she’s right back to being who she was before. She’s waking up every morning feeling depressed and drinking a bottle of wine every night before going to bed.

I know people who’ve spent hundreds going to counselling sessions to try to get back their self-worth. Not to mention the time driving back and forth telling a stranger all their problems.

Imagine that… paying to have a professional ‘friend’ listen to your tales of woe.

These sessions can be £35 and more and you’ll have to go back several times until you’re ‘cured.’

That could set you back several hundred pounds until the therapist decides he or she has solved your problem.

No, you won’t have to pay hundreds of pounds because this recording is less than £30.00.

You will be ecstatic when you find how this learning session changes you for the better forever.

Here's my confident guarantee to you...

If my ‘Confidence Booster’ recording doesn’t bring you far more poise… more self-esteem… and more confidence than you have today… simply return it for a full refund.

Confidence isn’t something that has to come and go. It's now possible to feel confident all the time.  

Having amazing levels of confidence will transform your world, get you that job, that date, that pay rise... with confidence you can make a success of just about anything.

Tell me what else can you get for just under £30.00 that will give you this level of happiness in your life?

You probably spend more than that on a meal for two.

Instead of being full from eating – you can be full of the right type of confidence to take you wherever you want in life.

Some people say to me that you can’t change just listening to an audio programme.

But I know that with the power of brainwave entrainment technology change is not only possible – it’s easily achievable because it happens at the subconscious level.

And the best thing is - you do nothing except relax your way into a more confident you.

If you’ve already experienced a session like this then you’ll know how well this works.

This session is 51 minutes long and will entertain your mind while entraining your brain.

It’s what I call enter-trainment - building a better you, one success habit at a time.

When you get this recording you can have it for the pre-launch price of only £19.95.

But you need to be quick, here’s why. . .

I’m planning on launching this to retail outlets in early January, and when I do the price goes up forever.

Retailers have to have uniform prices.

We both know sooner or later you’ll be in a situation where you’ll wish you had the confidence to do what is necessary.  

Why wait for that painful moment when you can build confidence beforehand? You be so glad you did.

As you consider how your life will be when you have more confidence you might like to think of a time in the near future when it’s absolutely crucial that you have confidence and as you think of that see yourself now with the kind of confidence you’ve always wanted.

I’ve also written an e-book called ‘Confidence Quotient.’

In the book I show you even more ways to be more confident day by day.

Plus many surprise chapters on how to be more successful in life.

It’s worth £10 but it’s yours free when you try my Confidence Booster recording.

Even if for any reason you don’t think the Confidence Booster recording helps you overcome low self-esteem and make you happier in every area of your life, you can keep my ebook just for listening to my recording.

So go ahead now and get your instant download of both the ebook and the recording.

You’ve nothing to lose except your low self-esteem


I’m not going to tell you to get this programme because that’s your decision not mine.

But what I will say is once you listen to it your whole life will change for the better – forever.

Everyone around you will notice the changes and they will like you more for no apparent reason.

Your self-belief will shine through in ways you can only begin to imagine.


And remember,  if you order now, I am going to give you an amazing bonus to compliment your Confidence Booster MP3 Programme...

How to Build Confidence

The Confidence Quotient
This book is a collection of journeys through your mind. Along the way you'll discover new concepts and ideas that when used only work.
This brilliant ebook will enable you to...Try More... Do More... Have More!

Normal Price: £10.00


The Confidence Booster
This is the Main Programme that will give you
amazing levels of confidence

Normal Price: £29.00


So, to quickly recap....You Will Get:

The Confidence Booster Programme.........
Value £29.00
The Confidence Quotient Ebook.................Value: £10.00
Total Value: £39.00

You get it all for only.......£19.95

Just Click the "Buy Now" button for instant access


See what others are saying about this Programme......

Confidence Booster

I’m not usually one for this kind of thing. But when Clive bought this into my shop I thought I’d give it a go.
I must admit I fell asleep during a part of it, but I woke up more confident than before. In fact, I like it so much I’m going to use it to build my confidence every day.
Ascension Inspirations

Lack of Confidence

Wow! I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I don’t know if it worked, but I went for a job interview, didn’t feel nervous and I got the job.
Rebecca Gaine

More Confidence

I’ve always been a confident person and when I came across this programme I thought I’d give it a try.
I was so surprised. I thought it would be another of those ‘self-help’ things you see in the shops.
This is different in so many ways. Not only does it inspire confidence in you, it changes the way you look at yourself and your world.
Anyone who needs more confidence should definitely listen to this.
Tony Babington
Web Designer
North Wales

Build Confidence

I’ve been into this kind of thing for years. I wished this had been around when I  first started… I could have saved myself a fortune.
This does what the others only promise to do… so if you want more confidence I recommend trying this first.
Margo Meyer
Holistic Therapist


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